Day 14 : New Mexico

April 23rd
Las Cruces, NM to El Paso, TX
76 Miles


Wondering why golf clubs was such a great idea.


Morning in the Pecan orchard.




1948 Military Police Harley


Jon, former transcontinental biker, at Albertson's.


Downtown El Paso.


999 out of 1000 who see this sign would not consider staying at this RV Park. Kane says "Hey, let's check this place out!"


We go up to the office door and I can see through the window a very large individual with a finger up his nose, watching TV. Kane bangs on the door. Kane: Is it alright to pitch a tent for the night? RV guy: Mmmm..ahhh...our sites are shallow. We have shallow utilities. What Glenn hears: We have shallow graves. Kane: Well, we got ourselves in a little situation, it's dark and we need a place to crash. We won't use tent stakes. RV guy: Yeah, but it's really windy. Kane: How about over there, under the sign. RV guy: I can't guarantee your safety. Kane continues to work a deal with RV guy. Glenn is thinking "Kane what are you doing!?! Don't you see this guy's belly?? He eats people!! Glenn: Is there another motel besides he one across the Interstate? RV guy turns his head: Mom! He turns back, forget it, she can't hear anyway. (Yeah! Because she's been in the freezer for 3 years!) Finally we leave and end up at the motel - alive.